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Default From tail-in to all 8s and funnels in 6 months

The number one biggest factor is the pilot. No matter how much some practice, some things take longer to click. I don't encourage pilots to set deadlines because it sets up for a feeling of failure which can lead to giving up.

It is better to set smaller goals without a deadline. Choose something to work on and then revel in the thrill of doing it. Once you hit that goal, it is fine to give yourself a break from needing to progress to help prevent burning out.

The second biggest factor is probably fear. This can be overcome in 3 ways. First is using a sim. A crash will only result in resetting and trying again. The second is flying something cheap to crash like an mcpx or even a 450. Do keep spare parts on hand to prevent down time. The last is having a reliable bailout. There are FBL controllers with self leveling built in that range from just over $200 for the iKon to just under $1000 for a Skookum SK720 plus GPS with a hard deck. Using these can enable you to push yourself harder knowing that you can prevent cost and downtime but allow the benefit of a larger heli's stability.

It used to be that a 450 and a sim was the recommendation for learning, then along came the sub micro CP helis and was the top recommendation with or without a sim. My recommendation for those that can afford it and have an experienced pilot get them going is a sim along with a 550 that has a self leveling feature.
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