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Default From tail-in to all 8s and funnels in 6 months

Nice write up!
Just trying to help here, I think the flip part and the rainbow part can be extended a bit.

With flips for example, it is important that you can hover inverted. Personally I've split them up in two steps, teaching me the corrections to make on the negative side. I also try to keep them in the 'box' in Phoenix. This will learn you precision, although it is very hard in the beginning.

A very important thing to focus on with flips is having mid stick when you are vertical with your helicopter. This will keep the helicopter from moving. This also makes it easier to flip controlled, because you now have a reference point for your collective when the disc is vertical. Also, if you do want to do traveling flips, you now can add collective at that moment.

And also try to flip, and keep it at one height. On the field I often see people flip it, and then lower it untill they are almost cutting grass. It looks cool, but it's not too smart.
If you're collective control is good, you can flip it 2 meters above the ground no problem. If you feel an urge to go high to flip it, do not hover it low. If something goes wrong and you need to flip back, you should be at a comfortable height to do so.

About rainbows:
You should be very comfortable in both the upright orientation and the inverted orientation of the rainbow. Essentially, a rainbow is nothing more as flipping between those orientations, with a lot of pitch.
If you know both orientations, learning to make small corrections will be a lot easier.

Start with stopping when the disc is flat. When you are getting better, you can stop the helicopter earlier, for example at a 45 degrees angle. If you do them very agressive, you will be almost vertical at each end.

Please note that to stop the helicopter, you'll give pitch to stop it, and then go back to the pitch you need to hover at that point. How much pitch is needed to stop the helicopter is basically trial and error, but giving to much will just make you go up a bit, where not enough pitch might make you go to low, so start on the high side to be safe.

Try to keep your rainbows round. So in the middle of the rainbow, the disc should be exactly vertical. This will help with more advanced tricks later. Of course, very low agressive rainbows will be almost vertical for the entire lenght of the move, so it won't be round. However, making it round will help in the beginning to prevent the helicopter from overshooting at the stop.

Some fun versions:
Give mid stick on the collective in the middle of the rainbow(where did we do that before?) and then continue your rainbow. This looks awsome.
Another fun one, try going mid stick, then turn the helicopter with aileron 180 degrees and continue. The orientation changes now. This is hard to do smooth, but also looks very nice.
Another fun thing to do would be throwing half a piro in the middle. To be able to do this, you need to be able to do the rainbow in both orientations.
I can go on and on, but the point is that you can do tons of things to make it more interesting.

Archmage, I think it is awesome you do this! You are proof that focusing on the basics first will make learning to fly a lot faster. Keep up the good work!

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