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blade450, gothicbunny,

Thank you for the feedback. I plan to keep revising this for a while (till I can no longer edit it). I will incorporate your feedback.

Just a note: Although I am doing funnels after 6 months, I appreciate not everyone advances at this rate. Some will go faster, some slower. At no point do I state the reader must progress at a particular pace. What I do state is that you should complete certain skills to a level of measurable competence before continuing (however short or long it takes).

I also do not specify the size of the CP heli for in real life work. This will work if you CP heli is a TRex 1000 or a nano (or anything in-between). I just stated that *I* used Blade micros (and why).

What you will need:
- A collective pitch heli (To practice IRL what you learn. I used Blade micros (nano and 130x) because they are resilient (crash without breaking), and spares are quick and easy to obtain).
- For more fun (completely optional)
* A micro 3ch or 4ch coax heli (like a syma s107 or a Blade mCX2 - I have a large syma s033 and a micro metal 3ch)
* A micro FP heli (like a Blade mSR or Blade mSRX - I have a "Mini Twister Pro sport - mode 2" which takes nano batteries).
- Note: These helis will demonstrate how far you have come and are fun to let other try. I also have a "tame" setting on my transmitter for the nano, so I can let other complete novices try them without fear of wrecking them. ...
The times between training sessions and repetition schedule of training sessions suggested is optimum for an "average" person. Skill acquisition progresses with consistent, continued repetition. Short training every day or two lead to faster skill mastery than larger training sessions once a week. I do not have a specific reference for this information, but I am sure a brief search would find it (and it supports my personal observation in both learning and watching others learn complex skills).
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