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Thanks guys.

OK new plan. ( I am CopterGuys personal trainer so see him every morning) CopterGuy gave me the board/ring from his DX6i and he ordered parts he found that look like they will work to rebuild what Spectrum don't sell for us. IF this works He will be making posts.

As far as the DX6i? He is glad to use my board as a ginny pig and told me to put his ring/board in it and use it for my Sim and for the mCPx and my Nano so Mac (my 12 year old son) don't need to use my DX8 to fly the little birds.

He understands me being leery to put the 450X up in air with it. Even if the tx is fixed there is that mental thought (is it going to mess up? Am I going to have a Tx crash? ) in back of head to pull concentration away. As it is, I have to concentrate harder than a person without M.S. . Long story there I won't get into the biology/neurology of it.

Long and short. DX8 should be here Thr. ( no tracking number yet) and the DX6i is getting fixed and made into a Sim/micro heli Tx. The old board/ring is donating itself to science.

I will have a Tx with a warranty.
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