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Originally Posted by FailureToFly View Post
I liked my DX6i also though switches kept snapping off it and it was kinda chunky to hold.

I didn't initially bond with my DX8 though it's a way better TX. I opened it up and used triflow on the bands (I loosened them nearly all off) and now find it really nice and smooth. I fly better with the DX8 I believe. I think you'll enjoy it after the DX6i.

I also use thumbs and find I have progressed just as well as any pinch flyer. I also hold kinda low when I use the sim. As long as you are comfortable there is no bad way to hold the sticks or TX IMHO.
Originally Posted by Allen_H View Post
Nice you are going to really like that DX 8

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Thanks guys. It was over all time to retire the 6i as a sim Tx. The gimbals no matter how much you clean them were getting that plastic sticky effect. So small detailed stick moves were becoming quick popping moves.

Guess I wore it out with all the Nano flights. lol This past winter I averaged 150 flights per month with it. Then I had my mCPx-v2 I also flew now and then.

Pre CP's I had that MSR and 120SR and every free moment I had one of the 2 in the air in my living room even the 120SR I was doing pyro's, Nose in or tail in FP style funnels/circles, in my 8 x 8 fly zone for for it.

So ya the 6i was used when I got it, then I did run it hard. lol
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