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Default Spektrum Telemetry Log Viewer

Spektrum Telemetry Log File Viewer.

All recent Spektrum radios DX7s, DX8, DX10 and DX18 all have the ability to record telemetry data for a model in flight. Until recently it was only possible to read this data via an iPhone app. If you didn't own an iPhone you had no way of recovering and reading the data, however this has now changed and you 2 options, my Telemetry Reader Application that is available free for personal use or a paid for application from RoboSoftware.

This application is Windows based and has been run on all current Windows versions succesfully, users have also reported that they have run it on Mac using Windows under Parallels and also under Ubuntu Linux by defining it as a Wine app.

You can download the Spektrum Telemetry Log Viewer here :-

This link will always point to the latest available version.

Once the app is downloaded, unpack/unzip it into a directory of your choice on your machine and run the TelematryReader.exe.

Overview of Application
Once the app is started, use File->Open menu to open a .TLM file, once you get the green light, in the bottom right corner, telling you the file has loaded, select a model and session from the drop down box.

The app will display a list of tabs showing which sensors you have configured and selecting the tab will display the data if any is available. Note just because you see a tab for a particular sensor doesn't mean you have data, it just means you've configured it in the radio.

You can change displayed units of the data by selecting either the Metric or Imperial option from the Units menu.

Selecting either Tabular or Graphical radio buttons within the view will change the current view displayed to either a table or graph of the data.

Selecting the Filter graph data will attempt to remove any upward spikes from the data that skew the graph scaling. The filter takes an average of data points and any values that fall outside of the upper end of the range by a pre determined magnitude are truncated to the average value.

In addition to filering the graph spikes, you can also select which items of data are displayed on the graph via the tick boxes displayed below the graph.

Within the graphical view you have a number of buttons defined near the top of the graph

You can use these buttons to manipulate the display of the graph data, hovering over each button will give quick hint at its function. The graphing library used by the application is a third party library called XYGraph and more information on the functions can be found in the following video.
XYGraphDemo (2 min 40 sec)

File menu options
Export Model CSV - This option will allow you to create a semi-colon ';' delimited file containing the raw model data for the currently selected model session, that you can them manipulate in a program of choice, typically MS Excel or similar spreadsheet.

Export Sensor CSV - This option allows you to export raw data for the currently displayed sensor in a semi-colon delimited file.

Export KML File - This option allows you to export GPS data to a KML file that can be opened in Google Earth to display your flight path. It is only active if you have the GPS sensor currently selected.

Save Model Session - allows the currently selected model session to be saved as its own .TLM file, this will allow you to isolate an individual model session from the current .TLM file.

Exit - When you exit the program the current units, view type and filter state, will be saved and used next time you open the application as will the current directory.

I'd like to try and keep this thread as clean as possible for release information, so if you have any queries, problems, requests or suggestions can you please make them in the following thread.
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