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Default FrSky AFHSS Compatible PPM Rx (whereas Hitec don't give a damn about it)

Hi guys,

Since Hitec don't give a damn for us (heli pilots) and do not release a PPM output Rx, I have tried a FrSky one:

All other brands have a single-wire output rx, like Futaba, JR, Spektrum and so one.

This FrSky receiver is really well made (for 21 bucks), external and internally.
I'm confident trusting my $2500 heli on it. A lot of guys are using it in my country.. I heard just good comments.

The only drawback is the lack of telemetry... but.. I can live without it...

Now I can connect my Rx to FBL with just one wire!! Amazing!!

Simple, cheap and reliable.

Beast Regards.

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