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Originally Posted by Puttputt maru View Post
Your throttle curve for auto should not take you to zero but to a point where your engine will stop.

Take the blades off and turn on the motor then lower your flat curve to a point where the engine stops and then add a few more clicks. I think that should take care of your problem.
Thanks for the quick reply. I can make the throttle hold and bailout work fine on two different switches. Havent tried it but Im certain I can make it work on a three position switch. I wasnt very clear in my post. What Im trying to do is make both functions work on a single two position switch (on/off). Thought with all of the programming this radio and ESC have it might be possible. When I do this the throttle hold function (safety) takes the throttle to zero and for lack of a better term overrides the setting for bailout.
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