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Default Blade's new SAFE™ technology

Blade has what they are calling "SAFE™ technology" that they are using in the Nano QX. They went as far as trademarking it! Does this mean that we will likely see SAFE™ technology show up in heli's such as a future release of the 130x or mCP X BL?

In the Nano QX when activated it works similar to the Self Level feature of flybarless controllers such as the MSH Brain/Ikon or Helicomand HC3X by leveling the heli into a stable hover.

How awesome would it be if Blade added their SAFE™ technology into the micro heli's we fly today? I can tell you that if I had this feature on my 130x or any mCP X that I have ever owned, it would have saved me from breaking plenty of parts along with saving time and frustration.
I would be left with more flying time!

Who wants to see Blade's SAFE™ technology show up in other Blade micros?
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