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Default Full Size Rudder Servo in Frame Mod - With Pics

I have finally got around to cutting out an opening in the frame of my 500 ESP to fit in a full size tail servo and CF rod. It was not easy, but I got er done. I took balls to start chopping but here it is...

Click image for larger version

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Chop chop! Had to dremel away some frame and use the full size 600 tail bracket.
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Had to dremel the boom mount to get the servo in the right position. Had to be careful to get the servo level and far enough in for the rod's size. I used the Align rod for the pro.
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After fighting to get it lined up just right, I epoxied the servo frame into position. I must of disassembled and reassembled 15 times to get it perfect.
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It was a tight fit, but it all worked out in the end better than expected. Not a mm to spare.
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The tail now has no bounce back with quick rudder stops. As good as my Gyro is, I could never get the tail to feel equal with hard stops left vs. right with the stock rod. Now, with the CF tail rod it feels great. I highly recommend this mod. I was also able to remove weight!!!

A tribute the the Dremel!
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