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Default Blade's new SAFE™ technology

Originally Posted by koi-fish View Post
Would be nice though if the Beastx had a bailout feature. I'm saving up for an Ikon at the moment to try out on my 300x solely for that reason, and the fact that it's more vibration resistant
I'm willing to bet the next beastx has it. Have to keep up with the competition.

I think what a lot of people don't get is the idea of self level in the situation i am referring. The idea is not to turn it on and fly around not being able to flip or roll. The idea is to get a "bailout" function that helps you bring the heli into a stable hover at the push of a button. Yes, it still won't help you if you drive it into the ground, but could help for orientation mishaps.

For the record when i first heard of these self level technologies i was strongly against it because i want to have the skill to prevent accidents, however after owning an Ikon i now see it is super handy
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