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Originally Posted by vertico View Post
I'm willing to bet the next beastx has it. Have to keep up with the competition.

I think what a lot of people don't get is the idea of self level in the situation i am referring. The idea is not to turn it on and fly around not being able to flip or roll. The idea is to get a "bailout" function that helps you bring the heli into a stable hover at the push of a button. Yes, it still won't help you if you drive it into the ground, but could help for orientation mishaps.

For the record when i first heard of these self level technologies i was strongly against it because i want to have the skill to prevent accidents, however after owning an Ikon i now see it is super handy
Ah I gotcha! Something like push the trainer switch if you lose orientation, not an "on all the time" feature. I misunderstood.
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