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So, about 3 years since the last post on this thread, I will finally chime in. I got my original blade CP+ RTF back in '08, and after lots of 6" hovering and mostly minor damage, I pretty much gave up. The heli sat unused on a bookshelf for years. Fast forward to early 2012 and I figured I needed to throw it away or learn to fly helis. After reading Helifreak, RR, and using a sim and some good youtube instruction, I was finally able to really fly (basic maneuvers, FFF) my stock BCP+. The more I flew, the more I experienced some of the shortcomings of the stock setup. So after lots of research I slowly upgraded to:
Blade bell-hiller mixing (originally plastic and now full aluminum head)
Spektrum AR6115E receiver and DX6i TX
Spektrum DSP75 digital servos
Telebee HH gyro
E-flight 370BL motor w/ heatsink
1811 2000kV brushless direct drive on tail w/ 4040 GWS prop (all from hobbyking)
Turnigy 18A and 10A BL speed controls for main and tail (respectively)
Turnigy 1000mAh lipos, (although occasionally use the original e-flight 800mAh lipo).

Some of the upgrades were found new-in-package on clearance through e-bay. This really helped reduce the overall cost and make it worthwhile to upgrade this old heli. Being able to do fast forward flight with some confidence and NO TRAINING GEAR is what made it worthwhile.

I've really benefitted from all those earlier posts about controlling the DD brushless tail with the DX6i. That and the telebee gyro made the most difference for me.

Anyone else still flying the Blade CP? If we hold on to them much longer we can start posting in the "rare/antique heli" threads

I'll try to post some pics soon.
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