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Originally Posted by jasond1979 View Post
Hi I was trying to do the clean part, it worked but as I was trying to put it back together I got sloppy and lost three of four of the little screws that hold the servo to the circuit board.

Does anyone know where I can purchase replacement screws? Also wats the best technique for putting it back together, did you use something to hold it while you were screwing it back together?


I think I have some extras floating around. PM me your address and I'll send some to you.

Easiest way to put it back together is to lay it servo side down on a towel and lay the PC board on top of it. Line up the holes, gently press down on the board and then install one screw at a time. Use an old car stereo magnet to magnetize the tip of your screw driver to hold the screw on it.
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