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Phoenix please!!

I've just started reading your threads....i'm new...own Phoenix 4, a DX7s, have a real-life mcpx bl for IRL flying, and am building a FBL Logo 500. Because I'm new to tx setup, sim setup, etc, I haven't fully wrapped my head around yet the exact setting for my tx and sim for optimal any tx-specific or sim-specific posts would be much appreciated!...thanks in advance!!
Blade Mcpx BL
[stock]; Logo 500 in process [Scorpion HK4020-1100KV motor 15T pinion mod 0.7 JR DS8717 cyclic servos [x3] JR DS8900G tail servo Kontronik Jive 100+LV ESC RotorTech 550mm blades Spartan ds760 gyro]
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