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Originally Posted by insurroundsound View Post
Phoenix please!!

I've just started reading your threads....i'm new...own Phoenix 4, a DX7s, have a real-life mcpx bl for IRL flying, and am building a FBL Logo 500. Because I'm new to tx setup, sim setup, etc, I haven't fully wrapped my head around yet the exact setting for my tx and sim for optimal any tx-specific or sim-specific posts would be much appreciated!...thanks in advance!!
First response since I posted this 2 weeks ago.

Unfortunately you will have to wait for the weekend for me to do the Phoenix setup (as I am away from home right now).

Originally Posted by kecked View Post
How about just posting some setups for the dx7s we can import and use. I need mcpx bl, and blade sr. I can't make one that lets me fly upside down for nothing.
Unfortunately, I don't have a DX7s (or easy access to one). The setup should be similar to a DX8 though.

To make a Blade SR fly inverted, you need mCX blades (lower ones that spin CCW). The SR will then ONLY fly inverted (inverted hand launch required).

Best way to learn inverted is on the sim (zero crash cost, unlimited battery). Don't try to cheat the process of learning inverted (it will catch you out). Do you want to fly or just show off to your friends?
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