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Originally Posted by kecked View Post
I want to learn to fly well. I don't know how to setup my radio so that it will allow any ship to fly upside down. I can't seem to make it work. I tried the mxcp and the align birds but can't setup the radio. I can't seem to get negative pitch.

I was thinking you set the throttle essentially full on and then have the pitch curve change from 0-100 in some way to get from negative pitch to positive pitch with 50 being 0 pitch but that doesn't work either. What is the trick to make it work. IE what basic physics am I missing in the theory?
Does your transmitter represent pitch values from 0 to 100 or -100 to 100. If -100 to 100, then the pitch curve of 0,25,50,75,100 becomes -100,-50,0,50,100. For the DX series of TX's, it's represented as 0 to 100 (0,25,50,75,100).

I will use DX (0 - 100) curves from here on.

In real life.
  1. You need to use idle up (cannot hold invert on normal mode)
  2. 0 pitch should be at centre stick (when you bind, in throttle hold, with pitch curve 0,25,50,75,100, when you put the throttle stick to middle and fold the blade back so both are parallel, the tips should be level).
On the sim (when using Phoenix), you want to re-calibrate. Set up the SimCal model in your TX (All throttle and pitch curves are 0,25,50,75,100). Calibrate in normal mode. Then load your regular TX model (or sim model) and fly the sim in idle up mode.

Idle up throttle curve must be all high (80,80,80,80,80) or (100,100,100,100,100). Some use a V curve (100,90,80,90,100), but I tend to stick to flat.

The basic theory is that the collective pitch allows both positive and negative pitch on the main and tail rotor blades. You can see this on a real model RC heli, but this blade pitch is not visually represented on a simulator. It is represented in the way a model behaves though.

Hope this helps.
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