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Yes, those terms are different words for the same thing....

On different transmitters you will see different terminology, but the meaning is the same.

"Normal Mode" is the same as "Flight Mode 0" which is typically set up such that the Throttle Stick in full down position (pulled towards you) is zero throttle, in other words, the motor is shut off (or just idling for nitros or gas). Also the blade pitch at Throttle Stick full down is typically near zero degrees pitch (flat) at this point (sometimes folks will have just a little bit of negative pitch set up).

"Idle Up" also known as "Flight Mode 1" or "Stunt Mode" (or Stunt 1) is typically set up such that full down Throttle Stick is 100% throttle (or near 100%) and blade pitch is full negative pitch, like -8 or -10 or -12 degrees for example. This allows for flying inverted and various advanced maneuvers.

Additionally, some transmitters provide a third flight mode, such as Flight Mode 2, or Stunt 2, which can have an additional customized throttle and blade pitch curve.

So in summary:

- Normal Mode = Flight Mode 0

- Idle Up = Flight Mode 1 = Stunt Mode (or Stunt Mode 1)

...and if transmitter supports it:
- Idle Up 2 = Flight Mode 2 = Stunt Mode 2

Normal Mode will not allow you to fly inverted, but you will be able to shut the motor off.
Stunt / Idle Up / Flight Mode 1 or higher will allow you to fly inverted (skids up, rotor under the heli) and the motor will always be running fast enough to fly the heli in this mode.

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