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Originally Posted by insurroundsound View Post
I'm a little confused about the gyro settings you posted. And how they apply to the dx7s. (Maybe someone with that tx could chime in). And out of those three settings, which one do I run on the sim? Any danger with just leaving the gyro settings inhibited?
The gyro settings for the DX8 are to ensure the gyro switch will output a value on the gyro channel.

For Phoenix, it can read the gyro channel and use real values (so use values you would normally - negative for rate mode, positive for heading hold). For Heli-X, it currently can only use the channel as a switch, so the settings ensure the toggle button in the Buttons screen.

In Heli-X, the gyro settings is in the model and have a different rate for Idle-Up 1 and Idle-Up 2. You set the values there.

No danger leaving gyro settings inhibited. Sim will just take the programmed model preferences.

Feel free to explore, and ask more questions or clarifications.
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