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hELLO mate

Thanks so much for your guide!!! you are the best!!

i did all you said in your guide but the IOC didnt cause i dont want intelligent orientation.

but i have a question my futaba T7C radio always that i turn on starts to beep and shows

iddle -UP

but i move the 3 switch and works perfect. but i have my doubts did i do something wrong? or it´s the result for the naza configuration?

i really apreeciate your help in this
and thank you so much again

Best regards

Alejandro Gutierrez

Originally Posted by locks View Post
I wrote this guide to help others in the same situation as me. I hope it will help others.

The Futaba R617FS receiver only support failsafe on channel 3, if you followed the Naza manual, you won’t be able to setup the failsafe for signal loss.

My setup being a Futaba T7C Tx with a Futaba R617FS Rx, I was struggling to setup the failsafe to work on signal loss, and searching around the internet, I saw a lot of peoples asking how to set it up, and no answers, often the replies were as simple as “that can’t be done with this Rx”.

I finally found the solution and will try to explain it here for everyone else.

  • a) The R617FS receiver only supports failsafe on channel 3 (throttle)
  • b) The Naza-M gyro only supports getting a failsafe signal from channel U
  • c) If you follow the Naza-M manual, you have connect your rx channel 3 (throttle) to your naza channel T (throttle) and rx channel 5 (3 way switch) to your naza channel U (“GPS/Manual/Failsafe” command switch channel)
  • d) Combining point a, b and c, you’ll never be able to get the fail safe working when losing radio signal

To sum it up, you need to have your rx channel 3 (which support the failsafe) to your naza channel U, your rx channel 6 (pitch) to your naza channel T, you set up your TX for Heli mode, Swash type H-1, and use the pitch curve to control your throttle and the throttle curve to control the flight mode (using a flat line in each switch position to toggle to GPS/Attitude/Manual mode).

This manual will guide you to the complete setup of your Futaba T7C / R617FS / Naza-M to take the full advantage of every option the Naza-M + GPS give you, setup the fail-safe on signal loss, setup the switches to toggle between each flight mode, each IOC mode and a manual fail-safe switch.

Step By Step Instructions:
(I use the Futaba T7C HELI-Mode2 Tx, instructions may differ a bit with other radios)

1- Connect your receiver to your Naza-M as follow:
R617FS ---> NAZA-M
Channel 1 ---> A (same as manual)
Channel 2 ---> E (same as manual)
Channel 3 ---> U (different from manual)
Channel 4 ---> R (same as manual)
Channel 5 ---> X1 (different from manual)
Channel 6 ---> T (different from manual)
Channel 7 ---> X2 (same as manual)

2- Go in your Tx, make a new model or use the one you already have

3- The Tx Basic menu PARAMETER:
  • a- In your Tx, go to menu “PARAMETER”, go on RESET>EXEC and hold the dial button until it reset (you want to reset to make sure no other settings will interfere with the setup)
  • b- Scroll down to TYPE and select H-1
  • c- Scroll down to CH5-SW> and chose -
  • d- Scroll down to CH7-SW> and chose B (I use switch B to toggle the IOC)

4- The Tx Basic menu “REVERSE” Menu:
  • a- Here’s how I have mine setup, I suggest you follow the same pattern so it’s easier to follow the guide, Reverse CH1, CH4 and CH7, keep all others in NOR

5- The Tx Basic menu “TIMER”, Set TIMER to ON or OFF, assign Switch D(Down), set timer to your flight time, and mode UP or DOWN according to your preference (I use UP mode)

6- The Tx Basic Menu “TH-CUT”, Set TH-CUT> to INH

7- The Tx Advanced Menu “HOV-THR”, Set HOV-THR to INH

8- The Tx Advanced Menu “HOV-PIT”, Set HOV-THR to INH

9- The Tx Advanced Menu “GYRO”, Set GYRO to INH (more on this later)

Now the pre-setup of the Tx is Ready, now we need to run the Naza application and connect the USB to the Naza to complete the setup

10- In Naza application, Tx Cali Page, Make sure all 4 channel are set to REV (if you follow the same channel reversing as me in the Tx of course), verify all channel are moving in appropriate direction, also you’ll want to calibrate here

11- Programming the 3 way switch for GPS/Attitude/Manual mode
  • a- Go in Tx Advanced Menu “THR-CRV”
  • b- Place your 3-way switch to normal and set the normal throttle curve 8% on all points, in the application you should now have the GPS mode turn Blue, if not, change the value till GPS turn Blue, make sure you use the same value on all point (flat line)
  • c- Place your switch to Idle1 and set the Idle1 throttle curve to 50% on all points, in application, you should now have the attitude mode Blue
  • d- Place your switch to Idle2 and set the Idle2 throttle curve to 90% on all points, in application, you should now see that manual is turn Blue (again, this value may be different for you, if manual don’t turn Blue, adjust the value as needed)
  • e- Your 3-way switch is now set

12- Programming a manual Fail-Safe switch using the TH-Hold Switch
  • a- Flip the TH-Hold switch in TH-Hold position (toward you)
  • b- Go in Tx advanced menu “TH-HOLD” and set POS to +40%
  • c- In application, you should now see that Fail-Safe is turn Blue, if not, adjust the value of POS till you have Fail-Safe turn Blue
  • d- Now, you can use the TH-Hold as a Return to Home (RTH) switch (for RTH, make sure that in application autopilot page, that you have check Go-Home and Landing, otherwise your Fail-Safe will only land)

13- Setting the Fail-Safe on loss of signal
  • a- Have your TH-Hold switch ON and make sure in the application that Fail-Safe is Blue
  • b- Go in Tx Basic Menu “FAIL SAFE”
  • c- Make sure that CH: 3 is set to F/S, you should have the number 3 flashing on the Tx screen, press and hold the Tx dial button until you hear 2 fast beep, when you hear the beeps, this mean that fail safe position is saved in Rx
  • d- Now we need to test the fail safe and make sure it works, place the TH-Hold switch to OFF, now in application you should have either GPS/A/M in Blue, Power OFF the Tx, now Fail Safe should turn blue and you have your fail safe set for loss of signal/Tx, power back on the Tx and the Naza should go back to whatever mode you have your 3-way switch at

14- Setting the Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC)
  • a- Go in application Autopilot Page
  • b- Make sure to check “3. Intelligent Orientation Control”
  • c- On Tx, Place switch A and B to UP position
  • d- Go in Tx advanced menu “P-MIX1”
  • e- Set MAS to OFS
  • f- Set SLV to CH7
  • g- Set SW to A-UP
  • h- Set RT to -100%
  • i- How it work: Switch A will control what IOC mode you want (UP for Course Lock and DOWN for Home Lock) and switch B will control if IOC is OFF or ON (UP is IOC OFF, DOWN is IOC ON)
  • j- Test your IOC Switches, when B is UP IOC is always OFF, you can move switch A UP or DOWN and this won’t change anything, but when you switch B to DOWN, IOC will switch to whatever mode you set A switch to

15- Only thing left is the Gimbal X1 Channel, I don’t use this feature so I haven’t played with it, but the X1 channel is linked to your GYRO channel, if you use this feature, you can use the Tx GYRO menu to control the X1 channel or you can set a switch for it from the PARAMETER menu

This is it, if you followed this guide to the letter, you’ll be able to switch to all flight mode, have a switch for Return to Home, have a functional Fail-Safe in case of loss of signal/Tx, and have the ability to use any IOC mode the Naza-M have

Here is a summary of all the switches and their functions:
  • Switch E (3-way switch): Normal position = GPS Mode, Idle1 = Attitude Mode, Idle2 = Normal Mode
  • Switch A: UP = IOC Mode Course Lock, DOWN = IOC Mode Home Lock
  • Switch B: UP = IOC Mode is OFF, DOWN = IOC Mode is ON (to whatever switch A is at)
  • Switch D: UP = Timer OFF, DOWN = Timer ON
  • Switch G (TH-HOLD): UP (away from you) = Fail-Safe OFF, DOWN (toward you) = Fail-Safe ON (RTH)
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