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I've run into a rather strange situation and would appreciate some help. Setup is Silverline Pro, Logo 550sx, YGE120lv, MKS HBL-669 tail servo. Mechanical setup is smooth.

So I start with default values: Common gain 90, P gain 80, I gain 60, and adjusted in the following order:

1. Have a slow to medium wag during hover, tried lowering each of the gains, made no difference, then strangely got rid of the wag by bumping P gain all the way UP to 120
2. Furious fast wag in funnels, can only eliminated by lowering common gain to 63
3. Then left with a slow wag again during hover, got rid of by lowering I gain to 55

So I'm left with common gain of 63, P gain of 120 and I gain of 55. These value (and the relationships between them) seem very strange compared to what fellow freaks have posted here. The tail holds ok, no wags, but holds not as good as I would like in pitch pumps and elevator tic tocs, certainty not as well compared to my Gaui X5 (tail is rock solid with just default values)

Any ideas? Can this be further optimized?

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