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Originally Posted by SHYguy View Post
Cool! I have a 6S setup in the works myself. But I opted for the "original" size packs. What canopy can you fit with that pack you got?

And Wadders - you gotta go check out the Euros for 1:8 Track (the F1 class of RC cars) at the Halifax track! It's this week with finals sat and sun, now practice. 0-100 km/h in 1.4 secs sound fast enough?...
I really think 6s for a 450 is the way forwards! The packs are the 1300mah Turnigy ones. I ordered four all at the same time, two were the size they should be and the other two were slightly bigger. The smaller ones fit just nicely under a Fusono canopy, but the bigger ones are a bit of squeeze.

I've seen the Nanotech packs that are similar size to the 3s packs, which packs are you planning to use?

I only live about 2 miles from the track that you mentioned and went passed there last night! Have you ever been? I'll have a look at the times and take a look.
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