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Default How do I reverse a mechanical switch?

OK - so I've had my DS for a couple of days and am reading though the manual ... slowly.

I will be suing it for a MR and will need to assign the SE switch for Manual / ATT / GPS ATT. My current configuration is that GPS ATT is enabled when the switch is set to the Top or UP position.

When I look at the screen display:
Main Menu --> Advanced Properties --> Sticks/Switches setup. Then I use the RIGHT arrow to go to the SE switch screen....and this is where is seems backwards to me. With the switch SE in the UP position, the status bar to the LEFT (what I think of being "down position") is darkened. Center is fine. Switch DOWN fills in the RIGHT side of the status bar.

So - how do I "reverse" the throw direction of the SE switch?

Thanks for the help.
(OBTW - if anyone has a setup file for the NAZA that you've used with your DS-16, could you send it to me? I'd like to see what others are doing and "copy" so I don't necessarily need to start from scratch)
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