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Originally Posted by Jotto View Post
I figured it out using logical switches.

I defined one logical switch called "L-TH" which is true if the throttle hold switch is activated. Then i defined one logical switch for each additional flight mode (Normal -> L-Normal, Idle up 1->L-IU1 etc). Each of those is true if the sa flight mode switch is in Normal/IU1/IU2 AND L-TH is false.

I then added voice events to those logical switches. Because the logical switches are evaluated every time the flight mode or throttle hold switches are flipped, I'm getting the correct voice for TH on (announcing "throttle hold"), TH OFF (announcing Normal/IU1/IU2) and when I flip the flight mode switch. Moreover, nothing is announced if I flip the flightmode switch when throttle hold is activated. Very cool!
Just wanted to say thanks! I wanted the same thing and that helped greatly.
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