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Cool STRETCHING the Blade 450 X

Originally Posted by KiloXray View Post
I have questions about this! Please do start a thread! You mention "stretching parts". How exactly are you doing this? I suppose All you need is a longer boom and belt. Where do you get those? How long is the stretch?
Ok I try to do my best for you guys to write my knowledge down.

Well I first started without stretching. I just mounted the Radix 350 on it. I started with slow test flights afraid of tail rotor strikes. I got none. Even with very hard flying. There were three reasons for it I think. One, I have the LYNX dampeners that are solid POM rings so very hard. Secondly, The Radix are very stiff so the overall flexibility is low. THird, I synchronized main and tail rotor to not hit each other, sounds wired but works.

I have to say this is an easy way to fly 350 blades on a "stock" 450x but maybe not the best. I havent realized aerodynmic tail weakness or interference but the efficency could propably better.

Due to a light accident I damaged the Radix...So I tried the Spinblades Red Tips 350mm.

They are verly flexibel, light, and very fast. Here it happend to get tail strikes.
So I finally decided to stretch for real.

Tarot hast some stretching parts for the Trex. So I tried the Tarot 453T Long Tail Belt.

For the boom I bought a cheap alluminium tube 14 x 12 x 1000mm. 1mm section thickness is more than stock so it is kind of heavy. Youn can use carbon fiber as well, I did not yet.

Cut it to 420mm, cut one guide slot for the frame mount and the two holes for the tail case. It it not that hard if you are able to do some handcraft.

Thats how it looked.

You see I havent stretched the tail pushrod yet. which I later did..

All I can say is it flys awesome! You never want back to shorter blades, that is what all say

Well I even damaged those blades not even knew how..

So I tried the tarot 360mm Blades, that actually are also 350mm ones an like the compass warp ones.

And guess what I damaged them too. Seemed like a fatigue breake of the main grip push rods....

Liked the Radix best so far but not their the original compass warp blades are on its way to me now.

Ok now it is time for questions from you.

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