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Originally Posted by Stubbz View Post
I agree with the toy feeling, the V2 is same way when compared to the BL just because of overall headspeed.

V2's are gutless. It's just your collective pitch management that needs work. at 75% pitch you should be pretty good to use it a bit but you still have to be smooth in transitions. put it up to 85 or 90% and it's even harder to fly in and out of inverted without losing the tail but it does help to teach you the management you need to not gain or lose height while doing manuvers. A brushless main is about the only thing that may really make it better, i've seen some videos of guys throwing the V2 around a lot it seems(not sure if there brushed or been modded to BL) but seems almost like that kind of flight would be impossible after flying mine a lot. I have no probly flipping in and out with mine and even doing inverted circuits and 8's but it's no 3d machine thats for sure, you can even hear when your about to blow the tail out.

Check for loose connection where the tail wires hookup to the board i've heard that can be a factor also.
Yep.. this..

I tell ya, after flying everything... I can safely say if you can flip a mcpx well, without blowout and do it consistently you can pretty much flip any CP heli. The bigger ones are easy compared in some respects. I decided to rebuild mine some, but I have a horrid vibe and I have pretty much done everything other then replace the swash. Servo cleaning.... to shaft, gear etc. I did see the bent centering plastic rod that holds the swash in line is bent down, who knows if a bearing is out in there as well.

I will get one at the lowered price due to them being somewhat discoed soon I hear. (two years of parts avl). But lets face it ... it is due. Its been a great trainer for sure.
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