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Originally Posted by Barshinderson View Post
That won't work. They don't spin at the same RPM so they will get out of time almost instantly on spool up. The only reason blade syncromesh works with the CH-46, CH-47, Kaman V-Max, etc is because the transmission systems are geared to spin the heads at exactly the same RPM.
I am not able to say for sure if it really works.
BUT you dont need the same headspeed. All you need is a transmission with an even value. E.g. if the main head does 1 round the tail does 3 full rounds and NOT 3 and a half.
I can tell because my setting hasnt changed during flight and I tested many rounds on the table.

Much more unknown are the (aero)dynmaic positions of the blades. So you can only fit it under static conditions.
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