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Default How to set the countdown timer voice for "each" minute?

I have successfully set the timer:
Menu --> Timers/Sensors --> Timers.
a. Created new timer labeled "FlightTime"
Initial Value -9:00 (to count DOWN)
Target Value 0:00
Timer Type: Standard
Report Type: Voice
Switch: P4 (activated at -90% through Advanced Properties --> Sticks/Switches Setup --> P4)
Reset Type: Short reset

...and when the timer reaches -5:00 minutes I hear the voice - and every 10 seconds after it reaches 1:00 minute. Why not at 9:00, 8:00, 7:00 & 6:00 .......?

How do I get the timer to "report" at each minute? I've tried several combinations in the Main Menu --> Timers /Sensors --> Voice output screen --> Repeat every "60 seconds" ... with no success.

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