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So did you decide on 420mm boom length because that is what you needed for that particular belt?
yes, my wish would also be a little shorter.

The tail looks like it is a little too long. Do you know of any other belts that at a tad shorter?
that is typical for stretch kits, you could also use 360mm blades although there were rarely none and larger tail blades.

I actually tried another belt before. It was an industrial one that fit about the same measures and was shorter.
But it was too stif and couldnt run the small diameter at high speed well. And it was very expensive.

I am sure there are a enough companys that would have the right one. But I got the Tarot one fast, easy and cheap and it runs well. Those 10mm are not so bad it looks good in the air I find.

On that picture where it looks so long is no tail boom support that makes it look even longer! You will see.

Also. I take it the belt meshes perfectly with the stock 450x gears?
It is desinged for the Trex 450. Those belts are useable for the blade too.
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