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I took my 130 out last week after work when it was getting dark and lost orientation. Ended up slamming her onto a driveway. The board wouldn't initiate or even turn on, like the esc got toasted. Sent her to Megas Micros but in the meantime, the mCPx has now become my culdesac flyer. She lacks the kick of the 130 but all in all I'm getting to really like this heli. I now can flip her easily but rolls are still a little difficult. Definitely helps my collective management in keeping her altitude steady. I ended up getting the extended tail boom and it does seem to calm the tail or rather keep the tail speed steady during collective soft punches. Not a bad little heli at all and now for the price HH is selling her at, I would recommend this heli to everyone who wants a little street flyer. One thing I need to work on is.........outdoors I can fly with confidence doing circles, loops, nose-in flying, flips, inverted hovering, etc, but inside I still can only hover. As soon as I try nose-in I freak out and bail (not throttle stop but I go back to tail in really quick) I wonder why it's only indoors as I can do it outside no problem. Anyways she is a nice little heli and I take back the "feels like a toy" comment. She's just really small and light and a blast to fly.................outdoors lol.
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