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Originally Posted by Ed Olson View Post
4 packs, vid and a couple pics forthcoming. I loooove the fact I can charge and be flying again in less than an hour. Used to be six hours for one pack to charge, now I can charge 4 within about 2-2.5 hours. Yeeesssssss!!!!!!
I have a yaw when going form + to - pitch during flips. Maybe gain, maybe belt tension, maybe ccpm interaction.
2-2.5 hours even feels like a lot these days. With a good charger and a parallel board and you can easily parallel charge six 3S packs in about thirty minutes at 2C. Most batteries these days are rated for at least 2C charges, many up to 5C. Of course I generally don't go over 2C unless I'm in a real hurry.

The iCharger 3010B (1000W) is excellent and not too expensive. I use it at home with a 500W power supply. On the other hand it can also easily parallel charge 3S packs all day at the field running off a 12V marine battery. Off a battery I try to keep it under 10A but that's still enough to parallel charge two 2200 mah 3S lipos at 2C (8.8A) with room to spare. With this setup, given a few minutes between flights, you could easily fly back to back all day long with 5 or 6 packs.
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