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Originally Posted by Nelsonisms View Post
If you want to add strength to the stock canopy and go flat white a good option would be to use white plasti-dip and possibly the plasti-dip glossifier. It'll add a couple of grams (not as much as a fiberglass canopy) but it will be way more crash resilient. Spray it inside and out for best results. The best part is it can be peeled off if you don't like it or want to change the color later. To expose the canopy "window", let it dry and then use an x-acto to score around the edges of the "window" and peel off the need to use masking tape! They do sell it in a few colors too, but you can spray paint over it to add color. I was able to pick some up at Home Depot. I did the mCPX BL canopy this way and it is pretty much bullet proof.

Thanks to Chris B. (JustPlaneChris) from the RC Today Show for turning me on to this. Works like a charm.

This is a great idea, one which I may use some time in the future. For now, I live in Honduras, and finding stuff like that at local 3rd world hard wear stores is pretty much impossible. Im actually on leave in the states at the moment, but I don't think that I can take that on an airplane, checked or carry on.

Ill just have to use plain white rattle can paint. maybe I can find some Kryoln, if I get lucky.
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