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Originally Posted by TommyBear View Post
Can you guys give me a link to the fusuno b450X canopy please.
Not sure if you're talking about a particular canopy or just the manufacturer's selection. Here are the premade ones they offer, but it should be noted that you can pretty much request any color scheme you want if you order from Fusuno directly. For instance, say you like the scheme on some canopy they show for a T-Rex 450, they will put it on your 450X canopy if you want. Or say you like a certain scheme but would like to change a certain part of it to be another color...etc. You can also have your name, AMA # or whatever printed on the canopy as part of the paint job. The only drawback there is you pay a premium shipping cost to have it shipped from Vietnam.

Helidirect has a few that can save you on shipping if you don't want to customize it and they have one you like in stock. They have them categorized strangely so you have to look at the 450 3D and the 450X pages to see them all, but they are interchangeable on those models. I recommend the "EX" style because they have more room for bigger batteries.

I've even heard it suggested that the hop-up fiberglass canopies sold by Blade/Horizon are actually Fusuno canopies, but I don't know that to be true myself. Horizon does like to farm things out so it wouldn't surprise me.
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