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I have a IKON V1 mounted to a G500 and a IKON V2 mounted to TREX 450 Pro.

The software is better than most give credit. The SL works once you eliminate the vibes. The G500 can SL all day every day as I have it mounted to the PU gel with the zip tie mod.

Its a different story on the 450 since that torque tube is vibe nightmare. I've been experimenting with different mounting techniques. I found that tape/metal plate/tape then IKON gets me within 3 degrees of center every time. I think the PU gel is next step as I know it works.

The IKON Gov is simply fantastic. I look at it like this, $225 plus $10 PU gel for SL, or $500 for the Demon 3SX with a true bailout. At double the price, they can't be compared.

The Brain/IKON will only get better with time.
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