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It took a while to maiden my 450 pro v2 TT clone (all bog standard parts) with absolutely no experience as a heli pilot (other than battlefield 3 helis on xbox controls - which does help at FPV) using the MSH Brain being cautious and all with my investment.

I mounted the unit on the side, perpendicular to the main shaft and have not moved it since and faced no problem with SL or vibes even with some of my screws not loctite'd (I know this is a time bomb but I move stuff around regularly). This being said, I can tell you my heli is not the most vibe free but the unit still makes it perform like a champ.

I have since introduced a hobbywing rpm sensor for the brain gov which worked like plug and play (given a jst-xh to servo mod).

Self Level works like a charm and has saved my heli on more than one occasion. I regularly use it to enhance my lacking piloting skills by getting a feel of the general characteristics of the heli in flight - essentially making the heli tame. When I purchased the unit, I was looking for something with SL as I knew friends and family would want to have a go. I can confirm that since the official maiden, I and everybody who has tried to fly it have had no crashes. This is a pretty awesome, well developed unit that you can rely on especially when others (SK 720, HC 3SX) will cost your spare kidney.

As with all other electronic based hobbies, the documentation is not always noob friendly but at least with this unit you have a basic explanation even on the advanced controls interface when you hover your mouse over the field/label.

TL;DR: noob set this unit up and got his noob buddies to fly a cheap clone 450 heli and had no crashes since maiden. Added few extras with very few problems.
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