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Originally Posted by rbader1 View Post
After reading throughout this whole thread, here is what I've gathered on possible causes and fixes:

1) Servo pcb strips have dirt/carbon buildup. Clean using isopropyl alcohol or deoxit(cleans and lubes), deoxit gold(protects), deoxit f5fader(clean,lube, and protect for black carbon strip)

2) Use mCP X full canopy grommets on front aileron & pitch swash balls and half canopy grommets on rear elevator swash ball. Even on V2, replace the single o-rings on the front aileron & pitch swash balls...the single o-ring on rear elevator swash ball is okay

3) Main rotor hub dampeners are worn or not seated properly...replace

3) Feathering shaft is loose or bent...tighten or replace

4) Main shaft has up and down play...pop main gear back up

5) Main gear spun on main shaft...make sure flat spots aligned

6) Main shaft cracked...replace

7) Main shaft bearings worn...replace

8) Servo horns on pushrods...plastic holes connecting to swash balls are worn from crashes creating play in connection...replace pushrods

9) Servo retaining nuts on top of servos are loose...tighten by holding gear and turning nut at same time

11) Blade grip bearings...replace

12) Slop in blade grips...replace or use rubber band holding blade grips tight together or add shims

13) Blades unbalanced...balance using toothpick method and adding strips of tape to blade

14) Low headspeed - cycle batteries and cycle motor(brushes need to wear in shape of commutator)

15) Rebind 2-3 ft away, unplug battery, turn off Tx...then turn on Tx and then place mcp X on flat surface immediately after plugging in battery

Yep this sums it up -- lol
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