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Originally Posted by SMOKEMASTER60 View Post
I have two votes. I bought two Brains and the first one works great and have several nice flights with it. It is on my Velocity 50 and is really great. I bought a second Brain to put back on my Trex 600, but it was defective out of the box. I sent it back and plan to sell it when I get a new one. I have since bought 2 HC3SX units and they are amazing. They are pricey, but the Captian Rescue is a work of art. The Brain I have on Velocity flies slightly better than the HC3SX, but I have not had time to tune the HC3SX. So I have replaced one Brain and one Beastx with the HC3SX. Also, I will add that the Brain governor is working very well on the Velocity. The Brain I have is great and is staying on the Velocity

Overall, I think if you get a good working Brain, you will be very pleased with the performance. If you are looking for a self level or bail out, the Brain is not it. The HC3SX makes the Brain bail out look like it was made in the stone age. For the price, the Brain is a very good buy for a FBL unit and the support has been good.

Happy flying
My bail out works awesome sorry you had issues .
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