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DSMX satellites
Vbar Silerline Express.
Mac OSX Laptop

Have spent about 8 hours on this so far and all I can say is OMFG Mikado, REALLY.

With great thanks to a friend I finally got the correct JAVA applett to allow my device to connect . If it hadn't been for him I would NEVER have gotten this thing to even connect. I wouldn't have even known to look at JAVA whatever that is?

I moved on to the initial setup and spent the better part of two hours trying to get the thing to bind. With the help of this thread I started trying other settings besides what I have, 2 DSMX satellites with an 11 ms radio. Finally got it to bind using spektrum satellites digital center although I have no idea why that works?

Helpful thread here I guess. Thanks to the users who are trying to help each other out and especially guys like Mr Mel but I have to say so far this product really feels like a device for the guys who like tinkering more with computers and code than flying helicopters. For this individual it has not been an easy or rewarding experience at all and I'm no where close to being finished.

Guess it doesn't help that my basement is flooded from 40 days and nights of torrential rain recently in what is supposed to be a high desert. Roads are literally washed away all over the front range and people have been drowned.

On the bright side I did manage to setup my vbar account and get the device registered.
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