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Originally Posted by hemp View Post
FBL blades have their CG shifted out more away from the center (toward the tip) allowing for improved flight stability. The increased stability would show up mostly in big air maneuvers. What you might notice doing 3D or smack would be decreased cyclic response versus the FB blades which have a narrower CG. In a hover the FB blades might be slightly twitchier, but the BX will smooth it out.

Since FBL blades are typically more expensive, and more popular, and more newer, they likely get incremental improvements that their FB counterparts don't receive. I always run the FBL versions, for that reason and to make life easier on my cyclic servos.
Meh. Not me. Ive been rockin the snot out of a set of FB Revos for a while now. They do fine as far as I can tell. I have no problem with running FB blades.
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