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Originally Posted by phwm View Post
I am trying to setup DX8 to work with Heli-x. I have problem getting the flight mode switch (normal, idle 1 & idle 2) and throttle hold switch work. The setup seems to be a bit different from the guide originally written.

From the Heli-x scrips run, I believe allt he buttons of DX8 are recognised.
Attachment 452572

For the stick and button setup, they are like this
Attachment 452573

Did I miss out anything?
Normal, idle 1 & idle 2 will work to change the throttle and pitch curves in the TX which will affect the operation of "YRotation" (pitch/collective) and "XAxis" (throttle). This is what the check box "Ignore thrust and pitch curves" does (Ignores the In-Heli-X model parameters for throttle and pitch/collective).

What are your pitch and throttle curves in your DX8 for Normal, Idle 1 and Idle 2?

Other switches (like gyro, Aux1 and Aux2) should change color (red/black) in the button screen as switches are moved. To check the DX8 transmissions look at "Monitor" in the "Function List" menu on the DX8 and look how the switches movement change the values being sent by the channels to the sim.

You should have keys set for Idle-2 and autorotation (but never use them).

Hope this helps.
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