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Originally Posted by lcc014 View Post
After watching Episode 19, I have a question about using satellite port to provide power to RPM sensor. MrMel did mention that if HV system was used, we could use satellite port to provide power to the RPM sensor (an alternative).

Last night, I measure the voltage of satellite port (pin 1 and 2, counting from the servo port side). Voltage was about 3.25V when I used a 6.6V LiFe battery connected to RXB port.

The 3.25V was not enough to drive the RPM sensor. Do I need to use 2S LiPo battery 7.4V to Mini Vbar in order to get a higher voltage out of the satellite port ?
The voltage out of the satellite ports is regulated, so increasing the input voltage won't help.

However, since you're running a LiFe pack, you should be able to run a diode, maybe two in series to be safe, inline with power coming from the pack to drop the voltage for the sensor. If you have a full sized VBar, you could just make up a short extension cable with the diodes inline and plug into the Sensor II port without the need for an extra power wire.
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