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Originally Posted by fastblade View Post
That is more than less a whole redesign.... I've been thinking about doing it over winter (full access to cad) just for fun (maybe more) and have a local shop CNC router it for me (see how many frames I get out of a sheet)...... Then again I've been thinking about that for my other 2 birds also... Just gotta pick one now....... but since I just pancaked my X5 into concrete.. That might be the one... Finally 20+ years of automotive engineering might come in handy....
Good luck with that. I dont have the skills or the tools to do that. Well. maybe the ingenuity.

Lynx has already put together a 300x frame. I would think that that basic design would work perectly for the 450x also. Just would have to make size adjustments and a few minor details. Overall though, I don't think it is a far stretch to do the 450x frame now that he 300x is done.
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