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Originally Posted by fastblade View Post
Didn't know they had one... I'll check it out... Laying out a carbon fiber frame in Cad is really just time consuming... Doing the X5 wouldn't be that tough.. It has basically all the cross supports done. Just redesign the areas that need it the most.. I'm sure there is a Blade 450X V2 coming soon... It's about that time.... Same for the 130X.... Right now I just want the stretch kit for the 450x... After seeing the video of the stretch.. I'm ready to do it. It's just getting the right length belt for it and cutt'in some tubing and drill it for holes... Only a few more weeks before it gets to cold for me.. MIght have to do it myself if they don't hurry UP!.... (just kidding)... setting up manufactoring takes a little time.....
Yeh the Lynx 300 frame looks like it is going to be great. Luca said that we should see it for sale in mid october.

The tarot 450L belt is the one that Diabol is using. I am still considering doing the stretch. I am hesitant though because I am not sure if it really worth the extra 5-7cm of rotor span. Seems negligible, especially with the limited blade selection at that length.

I'm not unhappy with my 450x's performance, so part of me thinks that why mess with what works well for me.
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