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Originally Posted by brw0513 View Post
I'm keen to get this sim working. It would save a lot of frustration if the Manual was a decent reflection of the current software version

In Version 4.2, the stick selection options in the Controller Configuration don't match the info above.

Can anyone advise how to match up the current options (XRotation, Slider, ZRotation, ZAxis, YAxis, XAxis) with the variables given in the original post by ArchmageAU?

When you go through the calibration (sticks button), collective pitch, cyclic roll, cyclic nick and rudder will automatically set correctly.

To get the right ones for collective pitch and engine speed ("Use 5 channels" mode), after calibration, in normal mode, there will be 2 channels that vary with the throttle stick, but only the throttle channel will drop to zero when hold engaged.

So the steps are:
  • set up your TX sim models
  • start heli-x
  • do a stick calibration (during calibration, when asked to move stick, also flick all swicthes so gyro and auxiliary channels are calibrated too)
  • set usr 5 channel mode
  • correctly find throttle and collective channel (use hold to help find throttle channel)
  • set idle up 1, idle up 2 and autorotation on buttons or keys
  • save configuration

Each controller labels the channels differently. Channel labels for Interlink are different to my 12-in-1.

Hope this helps.
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