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Originally Posted by brw0513 View Post
Thanks ArchmageAU - I've had some success.

I'm using a SAILI USB "9 in 1 dongle" set to position 2 (=AeroFly) on the 4 position switch. No problem with loading the Trex600-6S model and flying around (using 5 channel option during the calibration process).

I can't get the Hover Training to work though - if I could I'd gladly pay the fee for the full version of the software.

Is Hover Training disabled in the free version or is there something specific required to start the model? There is a chance I haven't assigned the "buttons" correctly and perhaps this is a necessary step to get the model in the air to start training?
Glad I could help.

Hover training should be available without having to register. (Training menu > hover training). If the green circle comes up, it's active.

Do you have keys or buttons set up for Idle Up 1, Idle Up 2 and autorotation? I have autorotation and Idle Up 2 set on keys I never use (2 and 3).
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