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I actually just got an Infina Ion pack from Rodney and you absolutely can't beat it! Helidirect carries them now for $50. It's a 2000mA Li-ION pack, with both the JR/DX7 power tab and Futaba power tab. I put mine in and flew for nearly 2 months before having to stick it on the charger! The best customer support I've ever experienced dealing with Rodney if you have any issues or questions.

I personally fit a ThunderPower2070 into the compartment, but it was a bit snug. Also, I've heard of people using the FP's in there as well, but I think you'd be better off with the Infina because the Ion packs aren't subject to the same explosive nature as the Lipo's. I wouldn't want that ticking time-bomb in my $200 radio!!!

Hope that helps!
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