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Originally Posted by brw0513 View Post
I liked the hover training so much that I paid to register the software

But now the hover training doesn't behave for me It seems random, but the blades won't always spin up training mode. And when the heli does take off, there is a violent yaw. Although I have the height and yaw under the control of Heli-X, it's as though the throttle/pitch stick also influences yaw rate for a short period of time.

Oddly, the heli always behaves properly when not in training mode.

I'm reasonably sure I have my DX7 set up correctly following ArchmageAU's advice.

Any tips appreciated.
HeliX 4.2. When hover training starts you are on the ground, as soon as you lift off it will try yaw to the heading it is meant to have (quickly). This is assuming you are setting Heli-X to control rudder and putting a rotation rate.

As for throttle control in hover training for HeliX 4.2, I've never experienced a problem as long as Idle-up 1 is engaged (and the collective start negative - weird this, but a quick punch into the negative collective, the blades start when Idle-up 1 is engaged).

If using 5ch mode an collective control is determined by Heli-X. You still have control over the throttle. As I use idle up modes on my TX in 5ch made, the throttle remains consistent. If a normal mode is used, you can vary the throttle which will affects the main rotor torque and the tail blade effectiveness, you can kick the tail control around a bit with this.

- Rapid yaw on startup in the mode you are using is normal. (Only of first launch, subsequent ones start in the air and are normal).
- Ensure you are using an idle-up 1 or idle-up 2 setting (button or key).
- When starting blades, from stopped, sometime you need a little negative collective (once they start moving, it acts normally).
- Do not use a normal throttle curve as it will affect the yaw within the yaw and collective controlled hover training.

Hope this all helps.

(PS. Heli-X v5, when released (hopefully before end of year) won't cost you any more and looks very good. Hover training has been updated (circle size: s-m-l, circle changes between 3 colours based on distance from centre, circle based on movable launch point, more yaw speeds, can flip with rotating rudder control and the heli won't try spin 180 degrees)).
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