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Default ZYX and a Guardian 2D/3D?

I put a ZYX on my E325 today so I could actually fly it, fully expecting it to be as twitchy, if not more, than my HK450 with a flybar. Turns out it's about as stable as a coaxial (this is a good thing, I want stable with no more than mild aerobatics). So I got to thinking about how to make the 450 more stable when I put the 5 bladed head and MD500E body on it. I'd love to be able to park the thing 10 feet off the ground and have it mostly just sit there. I know it won't be completely stationary thanks to wind, but I want it to hover hands off for at least a few seconds at a time.

So I got to thinking about the Guardian I have in a couple of 3D planes and figure, if an Extra can hover hands off, why can't a helicopter?

Has anyone stuck a Guardian 2D/3D between the receiver and a ZYX? I'm going to steal the Guardian out of the Yak since it doesn't really need it anyway and give it a try on the 450. It's cheap enough to use as a testbed. Worst case I spend another $30 on an airframe And since it can be turned completely off inflight I can just go back to the ZYX by itself at the flip of a switch.
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