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Originally Posted by Euwan View Post

I need some major help with mixing but still can't get my head around it after reading your guide. I would like to use the rudd d/r switch as the aux 2 switch. In the mix menu I have set it to aux 2 to aux 2 then put my settings as -100, 0, -100 and selected rudd as the switch, what happens it goes from one end straight to the other end never stops in the middle even if i put the switch in the middle can you help by any chance?

1) Ensure Aux2 is NOT set to any switch in "switch select" in the "system setup" for the model.
2) Remove the mix.
3) Set the governor to be on the Rudd d/r switch.
4) Program the Pos 0, 1 and 2 places with the values you want.

Hope this helps.
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