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Did some experimenting.

Aux2 in acro mode cannot be set directly to a DR switch, but to most others. (Aux2/Gov is the default 3 position switch).

Also using a D/R to turn a mix on an off will only use 2 positions on the switch. 0 = mix off, 1 or 2 = mix on. I can get you 100, -100 (the reverse is just a reversal of the mix numbers - or reverse the channel output).

2 options:

Option 1:

Any mix assigned to Rudd D/R is off when Rudd D/R is 0, and on if Rudd D/R is 1 or 2.

If you set Aux2 to a switch that is permanently in the on position (+100%), Rudd D/R can move that to -100 on activation by using the mix.

Ax2 > Ax2 -100 0 -100 Sw:Rudd D/R (moves Ax2 from +100 to -100, 0 to -100, -100 stays -100)

Option 2:

Unassign Aux2 in the switches (Aux2 will be at 0 as there is no switch to alter it)

Enter in 3 Mixes (in order):
Ax2 > Ax2 0 -100 100 Sw:On (Makes Aux2 +100)
Ax2 > Ax2 0 100 100 Sw:Rudd D/R (Makes Aux2 0 when Rudd D/R 1 or 2)
Ax2 > Ax2 0 100 100 Sw:Rudd D/R (Makes Aux2 -100 when Rudd D/R 1 or 2)

(You may also want to assign your rudder DR to another switch or off).

Sorry I do not have better news to make a 3 pos switch on the Rudd D/R to control Aux2. If I think of another method (without switching from Acro, or internally re-wiring the TX), I will let you know.
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